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Discover the latest updates on our fishing adventures with Tailwalker Fishing Charters' comprehensive fishing reports. Stay informed about the current fishing conditions, the most productive spots, and the species that are biting. Our reports provide valuable insights to help you plan your next fishing expedition in Crystal River and Yankeetown, Florida. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice, our fishing reports will ensure that you have the best possible fishing experience with us.

We frequently get these questions. Is Crystal River worth visiting? Is Crystal River salt or fresh water? What is Crystal River known for? Crystal River is definitely worth visiting, as it offers a unique blend of saltwater and freshwater environments, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Crystal River is primarily known for its stunning natural springs and crystal-clear waters, which are home to a diverse array of marine life, including the famous manatees. It's a renowned location for eco-tourism, and many people visit to swim with the manatees, explore the springs, and enjoy various water-related activities.

Tailwalker Fishing Charters, led by Captain Andrew Meyer, enhances your Crystal River experience by providing exceptional fishing adventures in these beautiful waters. They leverage their expertise to ensure that visitors have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the bountiful fishing opportunities in Crystal River, making it a destination that caters to both nature enthusiasts and anglers seeking a memorable experience.

Take a look at our fishing reports to get a glimpse of the incredible experiences our guests have had while reeling in these amazing catches!

Tailwalker Fishing Charters offers a range of fishing trip durations, with options spanning from 4 to 8 hours, allowing you to tailor your experience based on your desired adventure style and the amount of time you wish to spend on the water.

We understand that there is a wealth of information available for planning your upcoming fishing adventure, and we're delighted that you've found our tips and guidance valuable. At Tailwalker Fishing Charters, our enthusiasm lies in imparting our expertise about these beautiful waters to fellow passionate anglers like yourself. We're eagerly looking forward to fishing alongside you. 

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Redfish Magic! fishing report coverpicture

June 9, 2024

Redfish Magic!

Some very nice reds have been caught this week. Snook have been a fun catch and release. Some nice trout are still being caught as well as cobia and snapper. 
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Summer Rockpile Fishing is getting cranked up! fishing report coverpicture

June 3, 2024

Summer Rockpile Fishing is getting cranked up!

The mangrove snapper are finally here! The nearshore rockpiles are beginning to pile up w mangrove snapper and grunts. The action is nonstop and these are some of the tastiest species around. It's a great stop to make w kids or adults who want to keep the rods bent and fill the cooler. Redfish, Snook, Trout, Drum, and Cobia are all in the mix right now as well. It's a great time to fish no matter what you're species of choice!
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Big Fish in Yankeetown! fishing report coverpicture

May 28, 2024

Big Fish in Yankeetown!

The big drum are here for the summer! We are catching a good mix of fish lately and have been enjoying the large drum schools that inhabit the waters north of the river Channel. These fish stay well into the fall and are a blast for anyone wishing to catch a true monster! Reds and trout are also biting well plus some catch and release snook!
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Fish are biting! fishing report coverpicture

May 18, 2024

Fish are biting!

Big trout have been firing off around the Spoil islands on tide changes. Redfish continue to bite around mangroves on incoming tides. There have been a few tripletail and cobia sightings as well. 
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Scallop Season is right around the corner! fishing report coverpicture

May 15, 2024

Scallop Season is right around the corner!

Scallop season is right around the corner! Book your scallop or fishing/scallop combo trip today! Season opens July 1st!
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Reds fired off this week! fishing report coverpicture

May 12, 2024

Reds fired off this week!

Redfish are starting to get more into they're warm weather pattern and we are starting to get some really solid bites!
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Reds and Trout are Hot! fishing report coverpicture

May 6, 2024

Reds and Trout are Hot!

We found nice fish around the creek mouths this week! Reds are hitting live pins feelined or on a knocker rig w a clipped tail. An occasional snook is jumping on the pinfish as well. Large trout continue to be found in the deep holes and along dredge islands. 
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Redfish bite is picking up! fishing report coverpicture

May 2, 2024

Redfish bite is picking up!

We found some very nice reds this week especially in the backcountry. Trout continue to be hot near the spoils as well as mackeral and black drum. The fishing is starting to get hot!
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Somebig trout are still around! fishing report coverpicture

April 25, 2024

Somebig trout are still around!

Trout have left a lot of the inside spots but there are some solid fish on the deeper spots. Reds and snook have been a bit tougher this week but we are still catching some nice fish. 
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Big Drum are Back fishing report coverpicture

April 20, 2024

Big Drum are Back

The drum have come back in bigger numbers this week. Snook have been good as well as reds and Spanish mackeral have begun to pick back up.
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Some very quality trout are in the spring mix! fishing report coverpicture

April 7, 2024

Some very quality trout are in the spring mix!

All the spring favorites are here. Trout has been hot along w some very nice reds, Snook, and black drum!
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A good mixed bag! fishing report coverpicture

April 3, 2024

A good mixed bag!

We have been getting into some great Sheepshead a ton offshore when the weather allows and lots of other quality fish are getting into the mix as well.
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